Let there be light!

The first day of creation week, God spoke into the darkness,

Let there be light: and there was light.  (Genesis 1:3)

I have always loved those words, that straightforward narrative.  God spoke – it happened.  Command instantly obeyed.  Idea materialized.  Concept turned into reality.  Even more incredibly, it all happened ex nihilo – out of nothing.

Well, as a mere human, I cannot create anything from nothing.  That power belongs to God alone.  But I do love using words to paint pictures, weave tapestries, and craft stories, hence, this blog.  My primary goal is to point to Jesus, the One who brought light into my darkness and called me to carry His light into dark places, even to the ends of the earth.

In between telling stories of God’s hand at work and narrating my daily adventures on this crazy journey of following Jesus, I plan to spend time on this blog exploring the topic of light.  It is not only a prominent Biblical theme, but a meaningful concept for our lives, which has influenced and illustrated many of my own decisions and experiences. 

Thanks to wordpress, although I am technologically challenged, it is easy to say,

“Let there be a blog!”,  click on a few easy-to-use features…

And there was a blog.  Not spectacular like light or creation, but at least it exists.

And the opening sentence and the closing sentence (and several in between) were the first post.