NBBI Revisited

Written late Tuesday night, posted today.  

Tucked away in a quiet potato-growing region of Canada, on the dscn3558banks of the St. John’s River, there is a very special place.  It is called New Brunswick Bible Institute, and it has played a critical role in my life.  During the three years I spent there, God used classes, professors, friends, daily life and ministry opportunities to deepen my faith, push me out of my comfort zone, and strengthen me in His Word.

This week I am back on campus for a couple days, visiting professors and other staff members who are still serving faithfully.  In the halls between classes and around dining hall tables, I have talked with many students, young people who are dedicated to the study of God’s Word, excited to serve Him today and in the future.

But how is it that I am being introduced as a grad from 7 years ago, as a missionary serving with New Tribes Brasil?  There must be some mistake.  And they are asking me to share in the evening service and prayer bands and missions class, and even chapel?  It doesn’t seem right somehow.  I don’t feel like a real missionary, or even a real grownup.

It isn’t about feelings or experience or qualifications, though, is it?  It is about Jesus!  It is about saying “Yes!” to every opportunity He gives to touch lives and speak Truth and share stories of His grace toward me.

And this one is an especially exciting privilege, an unbelievable opportunity.  Many modern heroes of the faith have stood on the platform where I’ll stand tomorrow.  Missionaries and pastors with decades of experience have shared with this same audience in recent months.

Father, as I stand before these students, let the words coming from my mouth be directed by You, sharing clearly and beautifully Your work in my life.  Please use my victories and struggles and passion to challenge them to consider serving You on the mission field.  Help them realize that you are still the God of the impossible, who calls the nobodies of this world to the farthest places and the most forgotten people.  Let each student see Jesus, not me.  Let them hear the Holy Spirit’s still small voice, not my words.  Let them be impacted not by this humble servant, but by my Lord and Master.   I love you, Father, and thank you for transforming my darkest moments into light.  In Jesus name, Amen

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