Each Stick Had a Name



Good morning!  The days have been flying past, one after the other.  In between sharing at churches and college and youth groups, I have been coordinating Christmas drama practices, leading a weekly Bible study, playing piano for Sunday services, and spending as much time with my family and church as possible, especially enjoying all the traditional Christmas activities going on.  Oh, and then there’s the preparations for heading back to Brasil – documents, shots, purchases, bank arrangements, tickets, etc.  Today I’m heading up to spend a few hours with my nieces and nephews and sister-in-law, probably reading several Christmas stories, doing a craft, and playing animals.  Then this afternoon is Good News Club at the local public school, where I’ll be teaching the Bible lesson and missionary story this week.

So, the busy schedule has not allowed time for posting any of the mentally-prepared or half-written items that are either in my brain or on a Word document.  Hopefully tonight or tomorrow.  But for now, here is a short video/slide show for you to watch.  This is a true account that happened a number of years ago (excuse the poor sound and image quality – it’s not their fault that technology was limited back then!).  This story has impacted me deeply.  Please take just the 6 minutes needed to watch it.

Each Stick Had a Name – New Tribes Mission video

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