The Adventure Continues! (prayer letter)

January 8, 2016                                                                        Martinsburg, NY, USA

Hello again!  I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas season celebrating Jesus, His birth, and the gift of salvation He has given us.  And hopefully 2016 is off to a good start, as you look forward to all that God has in store for the new year.  I am definitely excited about 2016, and some huge changes about to take place.  Keep on reading for the details!

This update has been a long time in coming.  One reason for the delay is that my desire was to share the news personally with as many of you as possible – in your home, over the phone, at church services or other gatherings.  And doing that has been wonderful.

But unfortunately due to time and budget limitations, and my inability to be in multiple places at once, I have not been able to share the news with everyone yet.  However, now that plans have been finalized and a major transition is quickly approaching, the time has come to tell you if you haven’t heard, even if it has to be through an e-mail or letter.  Here is my phone number also, so if you have questions or would like to talk instead of e-mailing, you can call.   (315) 221-1098

On June 13th, our class of 12 graduated from Shekinah Missionary Training Center.  It was a special day of celebrating together, thanking Jesus for all He had taught us, and anticipating what He has planned for each of us, as we head off to follow His call.  Right after graduation, I spent  two weeks with Brasilian family, friends, and church in Itapecerica da Serra.  It was a busy, special time – reconnecting with friends from ABBA and their new babies, meeting my Brasilian family’s new foster daughter, helping host and translate for a Texan missionary team.

Then, since returning to the USA, I’ve been taking the opportunity to spend time with family, church and friends.  It was great to participate in Loving Lewis County (local missions trip), play piano at church, direct a Christmas drama, and teach at Good News Club again.  I also worked a couple days a week at Dunkin Donuts, and volunteered at my old (and favorite) workplace, Head Start.  Another activity was sharing with churches and others (nursing home, Sunday schools, Christian colleges, youth group, children’s groups) about missions and Brasil.

Next Wednesday, January 13th, I will be boarding a plane, heading for Brasil.  Old news, you say?  It’s true that I did that in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013, and 2014.  But this time, it is for my first official assignment with New Tribes Mission Brasil!  A Brasilian missionary family, Wellington, Juliana, and their two little girls have been praying and waiting for other missionaries to join their team.  And God is sending me!

Together, we will live among an indigenous people group, who have been asking for missionaries for years.  They believe that God’s Word is true and transforms lives, but they do not have even one verse of Scripture in their language.  Through contact with other people groups and through speaking limited Portuguese, they have some knowledge about Jesus, and a few of the people may even be saved, but they have never had solid, consistent Bible teaching in their language.  What an exciting opportunity to serve!  I feel so blessed and privileged to go.

Our first project is to learn the language through relationships with these precious people.  We will live in a village with 39 inhabitants, doing life together and participating in their daily routines.  The whole people group numbers almost 800.

Although we five are the only official missionaries to this people group for now, the ministry team is much bigger.  Through this short period of what is officially called Partnership Development, God has raised up other people who have decided to be part of this endeavor, to reach a specific indigenous people group with the Gospel and solid Bible teaching.  Family members, friends and churches have committed to giving on a monthly basis to make it possible for me to go, pay living expenses, and give to others.  Men, women, teens, boys and girls have also pledged to pray for me, for the other missionaries, and for the people themselves.  This prayer commitment is the most important of all, because without the strength of God, the love of Jesus, and the direction of the Holy Spirit, this would be an impossible mission, a foolhardy task.

       “And Jesus looking upon them saith, With men it is impossible,   but not with God: for with God all things are possible.”  Mark 10:27

And if you want to be part of this almost-impossible adventure along with me, it’s not too late to join the team!  The more people praying for us, the better!  Just drop a line or two saying you want to be on the prayer team, and I will send you more information about what is involved, and specific prayer requests.  If you want a prayer card, please send me your mailing address right away.  As far as finances go, I am only about 8% away from the full amount recommended by the field leadership team in Brasil.  So if you are interested in helping that percentage drop a bit closer to 0, just send an e-mail requesting more information.

If you have ever considered going as a missionary to an unreached people group, please contact me, as I would love to pray for you, send you info  about New Tribes Mission, and invite you to come visit us in the village sometime.

Actually, any of you are welcome to visit!  I would love to host you in the village, teach you a few words in a new language, and cook you a monkey burger if you are brave enough to try one!

Stay strong in the Lord,    Paulette


  • praise for getting the proper visa with no complications, and God’s provision
  • the prayer and financial support team who have pledged to participate in this adventure
  • this wonderful time with family, church, and friends, and many opportunities to serve


  • that I would walk closer to Jesus each day, obey Him in everything, and stay in the Word
  • safe travel to Brasil, and to the village in a few weeks
  • Field Conference – Jan. 16-23rd, for times of learning, renewal, fellowship & worship
  • great relationships and working together as a missionary team
  • for all of us to learn the language quickly and well
  • that we would be friends to the people, showing them Jesus loves them, and we do too
  • health and energy and adjustment to the hot, tropical climate
  • for my family here in the States, during the three years we will be apart

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