Down the River, Oh Down the River

“Já chegou?”, (“It’s here already?”) I asked, surprised that anything in Brasil would happen 20 minutes earlier than scheduled, and on a Saturday morning, of all days.  Not a slam against this culture I love; that’s just the way things usually roll.  In this case the bus had arrived early, so I hurried out with my suitcase to board.  This was the second busload of 40-some people to leave from the mission house in the city.

After about 40 minutes we arrived at the dock where we transferred our luggage from the bus to a boat and then walked a plank to get on board.  I rode up top, taking the opportunity to introduce myself and chat with Janelle and her 4 children.  Her husband, Joel, is in charge of the mission’s aviation program.  IMGP4729Our boat moved quickly through the murky Amazon River, passing smaller boats, fishermen with their nets, and huge tropical trees.  The hot sun was tempered by a breeze.IMGP4733

IMGP4739After about 30 minutes, which passed quickly under the bright blue sky, we arrived at our final destination, a boarding school for missionary kids.  They are on vacation right now, so the mission uses the campus to house all of us missionaries from Western Brasil for our annual field conference.  We eat in the cafeteria, hold meetings in the chapel, sleep in the dorms and staff houses, and swim in the river.  It’s a beautiful location for a wonderful week of being together.  These days are filled with worship services, teaching sessions, assemblies and official business. Also moments in between for catching up, making new friends, hearing stories of what God is doing all around this half of the country, drinking coffee, playing games, and enjoying the beautiful Amazon River.IMGP4740

8 thoughts on “Down the River, Oh Down the River

  1. Ava Colwell

    Thank you for sharing the pictures and information about all that is going on in your life right now. With Lewis County so snow covered and at 15 degrees, without deducting for wind chill, it is amazing to believe that where you are is so green and so warm! God Bless you, Ava


    1. Glad you enjoyed the pictures! Thank you for reading. Hope you are enjoying the beauty of the snow, even though it is bitterly cold. Our God is so creative to have made so many different climates and weather patterns and beautiful places.


    1. Not sure I even believe it yet. 🙂 And don’t forget the part about swimming with dolphins! A group of gray ones were less than 10 yards from us Sunday afternoon, jumping and showing off and whistling. You should have been there!


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