Field Conference Pictures – January 16th-23rd

This is the third time I have tried to post pictures from Field Conference 2016, but the first time that the internet has cooperated and allowed them to upload.  Hooray!

Field Conference is an annual event for members of our missions agency.  Brazil is actually “divided” into two fields for ministry and administration purposes, so this is West Field’s Conference.  The first day is like a cross between a big family get-together and a high school reunion, with lots of excitement, laughter, hugs, stories, and comments about how much little ones have grown since last year.This year there were about 90 adult missionaries in attendance, plus all their children, and some guests.

Pastor Wagner during one of the evening services.

The keynote speaker was Pastor Wagner, who pastors a church here in the city of Manaus, but lived in São Paulo before.  I had met him there in 2009, and participated in a missions trip with his daughter and son in 2010, and he used to be a seminary professor where my Brazilian dad is taking classes.  Throughout the conference, Pastor Wagner spoke on the topic of “The Sufficiency of the Scriptures and the Holy Spirit.”  It was very insightful, Biblical, and challenging.

“Basic Bible Teaching” workshop geared toward those of us in village ministry.
Morning class on January 22nd.

Included in the package deal this year, after the official Conference and held at the same location, was a four-day workshop on Basic Bible Teaching.  One of the many wonderful things about our agency is that they provide ongoing, practical training for their missionaries, so that we have as many tools as possible to be effective and current in ministry.

Luciene, a good friend from Shekinah, and her sweet baby Esther.

In between sessions, meals, services and other planned activities, there is enough downtime to talk with friends and meet new people.  This year it was a blessing for me to spend time with a few really good friends I had made while at the Missionary Training Center.  A couple ladies were not only friends, but prayer partners, so we spent time talking to each other (of course!), but also talking to the Lord together.  And I spent as much time as I could holding or playing with my friends’ little ones also, who had all grown lots since last time seeing them!

Lunchtime in the dining hall!
Waiting in line to get food is also an opportunity for conversations and taking pictures.
Afternoon study group:  Hands-on practice of what we learned in the morning.
Vilma and Anna, who serve with their families a few hours from where I’ll be living.
Walking Together – ladies’ tea, a time of encouragement and laughter and fellowship.

One special, highly-anticipated part of Conference is the ladies’ time, an afternoon set aside for us to be together, dress up, take pictures, and talk, while enjoying touches of beauty, attention to detail, yummy homemade treats, laughter, and encouragement from God’s Word shared by some of our sisters, missionaries who are serving in different villages, not just giving and teaching, but also learning from God themselves.

So that gives you a glimpse of what the Field Conference/Workshop was like.  If the internet continues working well, I will upload more pictures from the week afterwards to post tomorrow or Wednesday.  Hope you are having a great week!

5 thoughts on “Field Conference Pictures – January 16th-23rd

  1. “The first day is like a cross between a big family get-together and a high school reunion”

    That’s just silly, you have never even been to a high school reunion! I mean unless you count every single day that you spend with yourself…

    It is so good to see you, looking lovely as always 🙂 What a great conference, I am glad you learned a lot and got a chance to reconnect with friends big and small.

    Hugs my friend!


    1. Well, I was with myself every day of Conference, so it was still like a reunion, haha. Actually, one of the other missionaries said it was like a high school reunion, so I just believed her. The irony of writing that, though, as a homeschooler, did come to mind. And if anyone would notice and mention it, of course it would be you. 🙂

      Hugs right back to you! It’s even early enough in the day they won’t be sweaty hugs this time! You win!


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