Hitting the Road Again

Well, hitting the skies as well, if you want to get technical.

It’s 3 AM, and there are 4 reasons I am still up:

  1. Packing.
  2. Cleaning bedroom and freezer.
  3. Too much 60% dark chocolate (that was an attempt to stay alert and get back to work packing after evening church, but I miscalculated).
  4. Waiting for supper/breakfast to cook.
  5. To write to all of you!

Thankfully, my luggage is finally all assembled.  It consists of one 30-kilo suitcase, which is coming with me, and one 17-kilo cardboard box, which I’m taking to the post office first thing in the morning.  According to their website, it should cost less than 100 Reais to mail, which is less than 25 dollars with the current exchange rate.  I was shocked to find out how cheap it would be.  Seems too good to be true, but we shall see in the morning.

That would be over 37 pounds, which I have a feeling would cost several arms and legs to mail from state to state in the US.

Anyway, here are the traveling plans for tomorrow.

  1.  Taxi from the Mission HQ to the airport.
  2. Airplane from Manaus to Porto Velho.  (90-minute flight)
  3. Taxi from the airport to the bus terminal.
  4. Bus from Porto Velho to Jí-Parana.   (6 hours or so)
  5. Car from the bus station to the Mission Base.

Missionaries who live at the base, Adilton and Vilma, are going to be at the bus station to pick me up.  I met them at Conference a few weeks ago and they are really sweet.  There are other missionaries living there who I am really excited to meet as well, one couple who are almost legendary within our mission.

I’m looking forward to a low-key day with Jesus tomorrow.  He is the best traveling buddy ever, by the way.  Along with some Bible-reading, prayer, and preparing my heart for this next phase of life, I snagged three free leftover magazines from the mission, to catch up on news from different people groups and missionaries.  Of course, I may end up napping as well, especially in the bus.  Brazilian buses are much nicer and comfier than Greyhound.

Here is a Google Maps depiction of my trip.  Remember that the first segment is by airplane, however, which does take kilometers off the trip.  Feel free to convert to miles if you wish.  Notice that you can see almost all of Brazil (small corners chopped off both top and bottom) yet the would-be 19 hours car-trip is only a small distance compared to its total area.  Brazil is one big country, friends!  Good thing Seward bought Alaska, or they would have us beat for size.

map of trip

Well, I shall go and eat, and then try to quiet my body enough to sleep for three hours.  Aside from the chocolate, my excitement levels are keeping me going as well.  Jí-Parana is one step closer to you-know-what and you-know-who!

4 thoughts on “Hitting the Road Again

  1. Paul Cross

    Yeah, I get to be the first to comment! Just replied to your e-mail and some of those questions are answered here. So excited to be a small part of your adventure to spread the awesome news of the best story of ALL – Jesus! Keep on keeping on.


    1. You win, Dad! It sure was great talking with you and Mom this evening, and showing you my new apartment. And you are not a small part but a BIG part of this adventure, in more ways than one. Love you! Stay strong in the Lord.


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