11 days later…

From my lack of posting, you would think I’ve already gotten lost in the jungle, without internet or electricity.  However, right now I am in the city of Jí-Parana, which locals call Jí-Pa (if you say Jee-puh, you’ll be pretty close).

The eleven days since arriving here have been great.  Sometime soon I will post about the wonderful missionaries here at the base, who welcomed me warmly and have made me feel right at home.  But for now, let me get you caught up on what is happening.

How has my time been spent?

  • getting to know the missionaries here at the base (1 couple and 2 families)
  • spending time with Jesus
  • learning about the history and ministry to several indigenous groups in the region
  • unpacking and organizing
  • grocery shopping
  • talking with my family
  • visit to the Federal Police to inform them of my address change
  • opening a bank account
  • filing my tax return with assistance of a missions agency in the States
  • going along with missionaries as they minister to indigenous people in the city
  • cooking and cleaning and baking
  • city “tours” from other missionaries
  • walking around and trying to figure out where everything is
  • making friends at some of the local shops and places of business
  • dripping with sweat and taking an average of 3 showers a day
  • killing a cockroach and learning to hide food from countless indoor ants
  • listening to audio recordings of the language I’ll be learning
  • research and planning what I will need to buy and take to the village
  • spending last weekend in a village!

It wasn’t the village I’ll be living in, and not even the same people group.  The Neno* village where I’ll be living is about 6 hours down a dirt road, and my coworkers Wellington and Juliana will be there for another few days. We’ll call the village I visited Echo Lane, and the people group the Acci.

The Acci people have close ties with the Neno.  So visiting an Acci village was very exciting, and a great chance to hear a language very similar to Neno.  One of the missionary family lives here at the base, so their children can attend school in the city.  They spend every weekend in the village, and invited me to go with them as long as I am “stuck” in Ji-Pa.

We’ll be heading to Echo Lane again tomorrow, early, to get there in time for Saturday church, but I will try to get up early and post a story from last weekend.  Thank you for reading and for praying!

*name of people group changed to protect their privacy, since anyone can access this blog.

2 thoughts on “11 days later…

  1. Gladys Der

    I read your post this morning. Every time you move to a new spot there are so many details for you to take care of. Prayers for you as you do your tasks and prepare to move to your next destination. Wondering if/ when you will be able to stop moving on to another place. I am sure where you are is in God’s plan,love you


    1. Love you too, Gladys! And you’re right about the details and tasks, which, although they’re necessary, get tedious or even overwhelming at times. I am excited to be settled in my new village home within a few weeks, Lord willing, stop moving around so much, and get to work already! Full time friendship-building, culture and language learning, and showing Jesus’ love!


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