The Road was Real

April 16th was an unforgettable day, marking my first journey along a road I had first imagined, then seen in pictures, then waited so long to travel with the rest of the team.  Enjoy the photographic experience of this trip to a new home and a new life.

Prayer with the base team.
Neno* team ready to hit the road!  (Isadora was already in the truck)
Ready to go, but not quite awake yet.
So much beauty along the way.
Only a bit of mud; not enough to get stuck that day!
Last photo of scenery.
Five hours of fun with these cute traveling buddies!
New friends who love Jesus and used their fancy 4-wheel drive pickup to transport our team.
Waiting at the river for a ride across.  Long sleeves, pants and repellent to avoid bugs!


Baggage claim area.
Someone was super excited.  Can you see the path to the village?  This is really happening!
Butterfly meeting in the boat.
Nothing says welcome like a Butterfly Cloud!
That’s the bridge we don’t cross when we come to it.
The lovely ladies!  And one butterfly.
Carrying baggage up the trail…five-minute walk to Wellington and Juliana’s house.

A big THANK YOU to God for bringing us safely to our destination!

4 thoughts on “The Road was Real

  1. Victoria

    So cool ! And loving girls ! they are so cute and it was so nice for them to give you transportation ! ❤ you are so blesses ! 🙂


  2. Heidi Honey

    The Joy of the Lord is my strength; I see the evidence of joy in your photos and know you are leaning on the Lord’s strength through it all! I pray you find more of Jesus DAILY in this walk you’re on; enjoy the blessings of the mighty creation God has blessed us with and allowed you to experience, and remember to rest in the Lord and enjoy the relationships that are blossoming.

    Liked by 1 person

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