Quick Update

please pray. for a miracle. fingers infected badly again. and pray for me to somehow bless others in the midst of suffering and causing extra work to those around me. and pray i can get back to the village asap when well enough. missing those new friends like crazy. sorry for lack of capitals. i shouldn’t be trying to type.
on the bright side – God is still sovereign. legs are better. sores on head are healing well. no danger of amputation or death from this, haha. good doctor and amazing answers to prayer here in bigger city. anti-inflammatory meds already diminishing pain a lot. waiting more test results for dr to prescribe correct antibiotic to kill this resistant bacteria for good. juliana and other wonderful missionaries caring for me like family. between them and Jesus, i am truly in good hands. and still, despite the accompanying challenges and frustrations, loving this adventure with Jesus and excited to be here.

4 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. Gladys Der

    So sorry to hear fingers are infected again. Continuing to pray. I know you wish to be serving others and loving people. You are still moving forward with language progress and Bible study. I am sure your attitude while you seek treatment is a blessing to those around you. Love you.

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  2. Holly Farney

    Paulette, I’m praying for you!!! You still are being a blessing and a light to those around you, even amongst suffering and difficulties! Keep hanging tight to Jesus, and know that many people care and are praying for you. Hope you are better soon!

    with love and prayers,
    Holly Farney

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  3. Edie Dickinson

    Oh no, Sorry to hear that you are dealing with this infection.You are in my Prayers and speedy healing.
    Blessings sent your way. 💝
    Edie Dickinson

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  4. Heidi Honey

    Thanks again for being faithful in the little things the Lord gives you to do! I pray this time will reveal God’s great love for you in a new way that you can use to bless many others.
    Keep thanking and praising the Lord and reveling in God’s amazing work of creation around you – including all the dear people He made in His image!
    Peace Christ gives to you; peace He leaves with you; not as the world gives, so take heart! He has overcome the world; also thank Jesus that you are able to suffer the trials that link you to His suffering and to that of our persecuted brothers and sisters.


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