When it Rains…

…it pours.  Except we’re in dry season right now, so that may not be the best expression to use.  It hasn’t rained since June.  The best thing about dry season is that 104 degrees (40 Celsius) doesn’t feel quite as hot when bereft of rainy season’s sticky humidity that creates a constant desire to shower.  Another good thing about dry season is that it is the best time for construction.  And that was my motivation for using the expression, “when it rains, it pours.”

Although buying supplies and making plans to build a house in the village has been on my mind and to-do list for a couple months, it took awhile to get the ball rolling.  But once it started, it rolled quickly.  I have been amazed and grateful to see how the Lord has opened doors, providing resources and people willing to help with each step of a process I know almost nothing about.  This is what has happened in the past two weeks.

  1.  Penciling the blueprint for the house.
  2. Discussing options for materials, sources, and transportation.
  3. Making a list and checking it twice (with help from people who actually understand construction).
  4. Going to the building supplies center and purchasing everything from bricks and cement to electrical outlets and “pieces-parts” (don’t worry – Juliana’s dad and another guy missionary went along – it would have been a disaster if I had tried to do this alone, even with the list).
  5. Visiting friends of friends, who work at a sawmill, to find out the price of wood.
  6. Transferring money to the owner of the sawmill (after I unblocked my bank account.  Apparently the bank had blocked it without informing me.  Fun little surprise.  At least the bank has great air-conditioning and comfy chairs, so it was a good place to spend a couple hours studying vocabulary while waiting).
  7. Wood cut and stacked at the sawmill.
  8. Transportation found, to take wood and other supplies to the village, for a very reasonable price.  The friend who works at the sawmill went out of his way to find the best price possible.  He also blessed me by cutting most of the boards out of “garapa” wood, which is more expensive and durable, even though I had only ordered and paid for “angeline” wood.

So, if all goes according to plan, the supplies will be transported to the river on Wednesday.  Along with the driver, two or three missionaries and the sawmill friend will go along to help load and unload the truck.  I will stay here, but plan to send along plenty of sandwiches, cookies, and a full noon meal for the men.

Before editing and posting this, I went to get a late-night writer’s snack.  (Manioc root, if you were curious, and a bit of ice cream while waiting for the manioc root to fry to crispy perfection).  During that interval, it suddenly started pouring rain, for a few short minutes.  What a lovely sound of wind and raindrops!  And rather ironic, considering the title and beginning of this post.  I wonder what would happen if I write a post with “Cold” or “Snow” in the title?

2 thoughts on “When it Rains…

  1. Marilyn Shivers

    Good Luck on the snow, although with God, All things are possible. So very happy for you. I will share with my ladies as they ask me about you every Monday.


  2. Heidi Honey

    You are doing well, thanks for sharing! At our home in Henderson, we’ve experienced our first drought that’s just starting to end. I’ve helped John with buying water tanks and figuring all the attachments and hoses to hook them up to our water pump and the ins and outs of getting the tanks filled at the town barn (good that I once read the Mennonite book about using water sparingly!). Our garden really suffered since we weren’t here enough to water it regularly. It’s a blessing seeing the tomato plants putting out new life after blossom rot from the lack of moisture. My peas & cukes are already pulled up,but a new round of beans is beginning as well as zucchini! I’ve never been so thankful for rain or had the worship/praise songs about rain come into my thoughts so much as this summer! praise God from whom all blessings flow; He’s pouring out rain on a dry and thirsty land as well as dry and thirsty hearts! First in the natural, then in the Spiritual!

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