Little House in the Jungle


Learning how to “pasap peget” the thatch for the roof.  Each individual “leaf” has to be bent backwards to break it, leaving it hanging by just a thin fiber, then extended straight down, away from the stalk.  This process has to be repeared for the other side.  Fairly simple, after getting the hang of it.  You use your right hand for one side, left for the other.


Front of the house.
West side view.
Back of house.  Bathroom door and windows.
East side view.
Thankful new homeowner!  Still seems too amazing to be true.  This house is absolutely adorable!  It is better than I could have dreamed.  And, best of all, it is a gift from God, the loving Heavenly Father who blesses me with more than I ask or imagine or deserve!
Front view from inside.  Sliding wooden windows, with screens.


Thatch roof from the inside.  So pretty, and it truly keeps the indoor temperature much cooler than other types of roofing would.  I think of it as natural air conditioning.  
Hungry?  You’ve come to the right place – my new kitchen!  The table was handmade by Juliana’s dad, Don.  
Bench for visitors.  The typical Neno bench is a bit more rustic (often a board resting on two slices of tree trunk), yet similar idea.  Don likes making things well, and sturdy.  
“Office” and study corner. Desk made by Don. It’s the biggest, most beautiful desk I’ve ever had – plenty of space for language study, writing, Bible reading, and much more. The chair was the only piece of furniture I had to buy.
Dirt floor in the kitchen/living/study area!  And my excited feet.
Leaving the kitchen to enter bedroom.  Bathroom lies beyond.
Not-yet-organized bedroom.  The blue thing hanging over the bed is a mosquito net, jungle necessity for much of the year.  Neno people use them too.
In the bedroom.  To go to the kitchen- exit door on the left.    To go to the bathroom – exit door on the right.  MORE PICTURES BELOW THE BIG WHITE SPACE!  I cannot figure out how to get rid of the space, so please keep scrolling down.  








The bathroom!  Extra space is for a future laundry area, hopefully.
Closeup of the most modern conveniences in my house.                       Shower, flush toilet, and sink!  Hooray!


Lying on the bed to take pictures of the thatch roof, I saw this cross.  May glimpses of the cross always remind me of Jesus, the first missionary, who left everything behind and gave His life.  He suffered on a cross of wood, a cross of love, so that all who believe could be forgiven and become children of God.  May the cross remind me why I am here in the jungle, having left my family behind to begin a new life among the Neno, so that they too can understand how to be born again and live as children of God.  I did not come for the sake of adventure, but for the sake of the cross, the sake of the call.  More than anything, it is for Jesus, the One who called me.  Oh, may He receive the glory of His suffering!  And may my life honor Jesus each day, even in the little things and daily activities, as this little house, my new little home, is used by Him and for Him, for His purposes.

6 thoughts on “Little House in the Jungle

  1. Ava Colwell

    Praising God for his amazing provision for you, this new home built by people you have come to love on and to share the love and knowledge of God. Thankful for the skills and generosity of Juliana’s father in crafting these furniture pieces for you; and thankful for the completion of your home before the rainy season. Thank you, Paulette for sharing these photos with us and keeping us updated with your news-filled blogs. Hugs and prayers, Ava


  2. sue pierce

    Paulette, you continue to amaze me and inspire me. I pray you continue to be blessed and others are blessed through experiences with you and Jesus. Your house looks really cool. A good reminder of how little a person actually needs to survive quite well.


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