In Over my Head (a glorious place to be)

To whom God would make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles; which is Christ in you, the hope of glory.  Colossians 1:27

 (The following was a written prayer / journal entry, from November 4th, 2016.  I jotted it into my field notebook during a late-night Neno meeting that I couldn’t understand, except for an occasional isolated word or phrase.  After trying for awhile, my brain was just too tired to concentrate any longer.  Other than a handful of minor edits, mainly for grammar, it stands as originally written.)

Seriously, Jesus, what have we gotten ourselves into this time?  A tonal language?  For real?  Smothering heat, countless biting bugs, guaranteed environmental mold.

But mostly just the language.  This ain’t no easy-peasy, it’ll-be-breezy little language.

We’re in over our heads. 

Only we can’t be, because you’re the Water Walker, the Sea Opener, the Storm Stopper, the God of the Impossible.  You have never once gotten in over your head in all of eternity past and you obviously have eternity future under control too.

And, logically, I can’t be in over my head because I am in Christ – in You!  There is no more me, apart from You.  There is only we.  That’s the secret, isn’t it?  No more me.  I in You, and You in me.  Only we.

And the absolutely best, most exciting place to be is what would have been termed, in other circumstances, or from another point of view, “in over my head”.  For it is in that state of affairs, that sad situation, that hopeless desperation…

There it is that Your power moves and Your glory shines!  There it is that the impossible-ness of reality is confronted by the God who makes the impossible real!  Here it is Jesus, that You show through me, because anyone who knows me, my background, and weaknesses, knows that this is a crazy, mind-blowing adventure I have embarked on.

I can just imagine how the stage might be set, introducing a play of this year’s events and future goals:

“Small-town, sheltered, privileged, Lewis County homebody girl from a tight-knit family goes to the jungle.  She lives without electricity, battling infections, bugs and bacteria to “live wild”, become part of a tribal community, learn a tonal language, and preach the Gospel.”

Sound foolish?  Unbelievable?  Absurd?  Inconceivable?  Yes indeed, that is a definite setup for failure, were it not for You in me, the hope of glory!

2 thoughts on “In Over my Head (a glorious place to be)

  1. Natasha Metzler

    I could have written this about parenting adopted children. I read it to Amos last evening. Thank you for the encouragement!


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