Weather Report from the Jungle

Winter has come to the Amazon, my friends!  Okay, no snowstorms or ice skating, but my coconut oil has actually solidified.  And the other morning, I could see my breath.  What temperature does that happen at?  Waking up cold between 2 and 4 in the morning has become standard practice.  I tried putting on more warm clothes before going to bed, but then ended up waking up sweaty first, taking off the extra clothes, and still waking up later cold, to put them back on.  The cold at night has lasted about 3 weeks already.  I have a blanket, but it is too bad I forgot my sleeping bag in the city.  Won’t forget next “winter,” that’s for sure.

Yesterday morning, my hands were freezing cold (thanks Dad and Grandma Cross, for the “cold hands and feet syndrome” inherited from both of you  🙂 ).  Therefore, one of my goals in figuring out where to spend time after breakfast was finding a place with a fire.  Not much of a challenge, as all my Neno friends feel the cold much more than I do.  Although I did keep my hoodie on until 9:15, which might be this winter’s record.  Unfortunately, despite the frigid nights, noonday temperatures are still on the hot side.  Not nearly as bad as September and October will be, but hotter than a Lewis County girl prefers.

I wish I had a thermometer to find out what the temperature range from coldest to hottest in a 24-hour period is, but I can tell it is pretty drastic.  Can’t be good for the immune system.

Too bad we can’t average out the temperatures so it would be neither too cold nor too hot in a day, without daily “temperature shocks” to our system.  Although I must say that I, for one, am still very thankful for the reprieve from the scorching summer days, when it is already way too hot by 8 AM.

I am still in the village, by the way, and had the chance to come to “The Farm” a few miles away (across the river) with a Neno family, so thought even a quick weather report might make up somewhat for the lack of Friday posts for the month of July.

In other news, last weekend, I finally got the chance to travel with a Neno family to another Neno village, about 1 1/2 hours away, for a celebration being held there.  This was a really great chance to meet more people, build friendships, listen to and practice the language, and experience lots of culture.  And my friends seemed really excited about the chance to take their “resident gringa” and language/culture learner along.  They have already asked me to go with them to another celebration scheduled for mid-September in a different village.  I hope to participate in as many of these opportunities as possible, especially during dry season when the roads are better.

3 thoughts on “Weather Report from the Jungle

  1. Marilyn Shivers

    I praise God for any communication from you. It is the reassurance that you are well, in spite of the shocking temperature changes. We love and miss you, but rejoicing at the thought that we will see you soon. Much love, Marilyn


    1. I’m rejoicing at the thought of seeing all of you soon as well, Marilyn! Two Sundays ago, in the village I literally did a little dance while exclaiming, “Three weeks! Three weeks! Three weeks!” realizing that was all I had to wait until worshipping God together with my church family, people I know and love, and in the context of a language I understand. 🙂 And now it’s only ONE WEEK to wait! Thank you, Jesus! Love and hugs, Paulette


  2. Amy Marti

    Thank you for sharing your life adventures. I think there has been days this summer I have seen my breath in the mornings. I can’t wait to see you and share stories of our adventures. Love and miss you. Amy

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