Part 1 – Becoming…Introduced

Becoming: The Journey to Lose Myself in an Amazon Village

So who’s ready for an exciting expedition?  This is a quest I have already embarked on, actually.  Many of you have traveled the path with me, in a figurative yet very real and meaningful sense, through your prayers, friendship, and following the adventures related on this blog and through semi-regular email updates.

However, I realized awhile ago that while the ACL journey, Neno edition, has been referred to often on this blog, I have neglected to clearly communicate the heart of ACL – the philosophy and principles behind it, along with the bigger picture as it relates to church planting.  Then there are  the methods, the daily routine, learning cycles, hourly logs, charts and endless to-do lists.  Spending time with people is key, as you know, but maybe you have wondered if I just hang out with my Neno friends for 8 hours a day, or are there “time together” strategies to be implemented?

At the end of September, back in the city, I saw that a blogger I follow was part of a 31-Day writing challenge, where bloggers pick one topic and write a post on that topic every day in October.  Well, I obviously couldn’t participate in something like that, since I wasn’t going to have internet access for most of October.  But the idea seemed like a good one, and motivated me to start my own personal writing challenge, exploring and explaining ACL in a deeper way, with five important incentives.

  1. For you, my friends and family, to understand better what the heart and reason for “ACL ministry” is, as well as the ins-and-outs of what it looks like on a daily basis here in the village.
  2. For readers who may be heading into the adventure of cross-cultural missions (or at least considering the possibility), to hopefully answer some of your questions and show that ACL, while impossible for a person attempting it on their own, is something that God can enable anyone to do.
  3. For myself, heading into a second year of ACL, having recently passed the mark of 12 months actually in the village, to remind myself why God has called me to do this and how I can do it, to the best of my ability, by His strength and for His glory. Articulating the content of these posts will hopefully assist in refining and sharpening the goals Jesus and I are working towards, exponentially increasing my motivation and passion to continue running this ACL marathon, and finish well.
  4. To record more of a miraculous journey, leaving blog posts as memorial stones, to forever remind me of God’s mighty acts.
  5. To be challenged as a writer, thus growing in the ability to use the written word to express what is on my heart and mind, and more importantly – what God is doing in my life and among this people in this little corner of His great harvest field.

Now, since my priority still needs to be ACL, there is a very good chance I will not write this series in 31 days.  It may not even be 31 posts.  As with many journeys in life, only time will tell how this idea will turn out.

It is already 7:15 in the morning, though, so I really need to leave this desk and find some ACL adventures to participate in.  Expect to hear more about that soon!

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