Writer’s Block and Writer’s Break

Since we now have good internet at the mission base and photos upload quickly, here is a random traveling/birthday picture, after a month-long trip back to the States this summer.

For awhile, I managed to continue a fairly consistent routine of Friday morning blog posts (except for last week, which I skipped completely).  If I had internet access more often than every 2 months, continuing this schedule would be fairly simple.

However, over the last couple months, I have unfortunately not been able to write 10 posts to publish on the next 10 Fridays.  There are many reasons for this, including full-time ACL, headaches, running out of diesel to run the community generator (which results in the laptop’s batteries running out), and writer’s block.  While I normally love writing, especially when the purpose is communicating with team members back home to share what is happening here, sometimes words just don’t come to express thoughts and ideas, all that God is doing in my heart and life, or even relate daily events and experiences.

We are heading back to the village early tomorrow, and while I have a few posts drafted or outlined, all of them need significant editing before sharing and the time is just too short for writing, in addition to everything else that still needs to be accomplished.

White River – photo taken in September

So please forgive me for this long break, especially right near the beginning of a series about ACL.  I will try to get back into writing soon, however, and edit the drafts so that they are ready to post.  If friends from the village go to “The Farm” across the river from the village, and if the internet signal there is good enough, I will go along, and post on the blog.  If not, I will definitely be back in the city either the first or second week of April, so you can expect a new post then.

In the meantime, despite such a long time without updates, please remember to continue praying, and know that I am still very thankful for your partnership and friendship in this wonderful adventure.

If you are not on the e-mail list to receive my Crossing Cultures updates (different from here on the blog, normally every 2-4 months), you can sign up here.  http://eepurl.com/bWtE6X  I will be sending out an update this evening, with recent pictures, news and prayer requests.  Take care, and keep your eyes on Jesus!

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