The passion of my life is Jesus Christ, the One who shined His light into my heart, opened my eyes, and bought me back from the slavery of sin.  Looking around at this world, I see others walking in darkness, blinded, enslaved, and downcast, and I long for them to walk in Truth and Freedom.

But what can I do, as one person?  The meaning of my name is little, and that sums it up pretty well.  But if by following after Jesus, I can make even a little difference in the lives of others, it will be a start.  He is the Light of the World, but He once said to His disciples that “ye are the light of the world.”  So I live with the goal of reflecting Jesus’ light, being one little light in dark places, so people can see Jesus!

One thought on “About

  1. Clare Waligory

    Hi Paulette,
    Have thought about you so very often but have never read any of your blogs until today. To say the least, I am uplifted and encouraged by reading some of your writings!

    I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and I pray the Lord will bless you exceedingly beyond all you can imagine or hope for. You are a great light in the world. I love and miss you.


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