This is the Way We Build a House (Pictures)


September 15 – Unloading supplies.  River-crossing day.  
September 19 – Taking the roof off a vacant, falling-apart house.  This is my building site, decided by the chief and his eldest son. 
September 19 – Demolition complete, ready to build a new house.  
September 20 – Working on the foundation, and mixing cement.
September 20 – Sand to mix with cement, brought by motorcycle from the riverbed.  
          September 22 – Foundation finished.  This house is growing fast – last night’s rainstorm must have helped. 
September 22 – Cake and juice break for the Faithful Five!  
September 23 – Cement poured in bedroom and bathroom.  Woodwork started too, ready for the walls to be nailed up.  
September 24 – Check out this fantastic future bedroom!            Note the dirt floor behind us, in the kitchen/livingroom/study.
September 25 – Construction team and a few “extras”.


6 thoughts on “This is the Way We Build a House (Pictures)

  1. Marilyn Shivers

    Paulette, I am so happy to see your new home. Yesterday the ladies were so pleased to see you and hear about the things that are going on. I told them that we are blessed to have someone who is real, that we know…who is far off serving God, and have a good amount of communication and pictures too. They asked about your house and I told them you would be sending pictures and I would be bringing them in to share as soon as they were available, So excited! They get to see God in action in your life and words. Praise God for his perfect ways. The description of your house to be built and then seeing with their own eyes the accomplishment of it with the many hands of those working with and for you.


    1. Marilyn, thank you for not only praying for me and the Neno people, but challenging the ladies to pray as well. What a blessing and encouragement! You are not only “a good soldier of Jesus Christ” yourself, but you are enlisting others to fight alongside Him through intercession, that Jesus’ name might be glorified, and His great salvation be made known. May God continue to show His mighty hand and build His kingdom, both here in the jungle, there in Lewis County, and all over the world. Until all have heard! If you or the ladies have any requests you would like me to be praying about, please send an e-mail.


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