A Sort-of Farewell

We are heading back to the village in less than two hours.  Instead of telling you to expect silence for a couple months, however, I have a special surprise for you this time.

My very smart sister kindly taught me how to schedule posts, so that they appear automatically on a set day.  I wrote quite a bit in the village this last time, and found some writing from the past to share as well.

So, every Friday morning, at 7:11, a new post will appear on this blog (if I did it right).  The schedule runs through June 9th, when you will be able to read, “The Cake Chronicles: Part Two.”  I hope to be back in the city for another quick trip sometime around June 9th, Lord willing.  In the meantime, please enjoy the scheduled posts, and leave comments!  I won’t read them for awhile, but will greatly appreciate them when I do see them.

Our trip coming out to the city last Wednesday was the worst I have ever seen the road.  Puddles and mud and slippery, oh my!  We had to wait for about an hour and a half at one point, because a big truck was stuck in the mud, so the road had to be widened to allow vehicles to pass.  That’s what you call a jungle traffic jam.  The pickup we were riding in also got stuck a time or two, or five or six, or eight.  I lost count.

The good thing is that the Neno people could be “get-trucks-out-of-the-mud” professionals.  They keep their cool, work together, don’t mind getting covered with mud, never give up, and are great at handling a hoe.  If I weren’t always too busy being carsick, there would be terrific photo and video opportunities.

There were also some wildlife sightings – tapir, mutum, and tortoises.  It was my first time seeing a tapir, and living mutum (a type of bird that tastes like chicken).

If you think of it throughout today, please be praying that the Lord would grant us safety on the road, and that we would reach the village in a timely manner, with as few delays as possible.  I will be praying for you throughout the coming weeks as well.  Take care!

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